Become a Festival Volunteer!

Moundville Archaeological Park is looking for volunteers to help out with this year’s Native American Festival, which is being held on October 12-15, 2022. There are five different volunteer positions available and you can fill out the online form to sign up!


Museum and Gift Shop
Museum Monitors guide visitors through the museum, provide basic information on the exhibits, monitor visitors interactions with exhibits (information sheet will be provided); end of day museum clean-up.
Gift Shop Assistants monitor visitors in the gift shop as they look around; end of day museum clean-up.
Park/Exhibit Interpreter
Mound B Monitor/Interpreters provide general information to guests at the bottom and top of Mound B (information sheet will be provided); make sure children don’t get too close to the edge or run down the steps.
Archaeology in Action explain the significance of the current dig and show visitors how a dig is conducted and what archaeologists are looking for when they dig.
Nature Trail Interpreters find a spot along the trail where you can discuss different plant life and how Native Americans used them.
Demonstrator’s Area
Demonstrator/Presenter Aides interact with demonstrators, assist them with their crafts, supply them with water, sit at their booth while they perform, provide restroom and food breaks.
Children’s Area
Children’s Area Assistants show children how to play different Native American related games and help them create some take home crafts (information sheet will be provided).
Parking Control
Parking Attendants help direct festival guests where to park on the grounds.
Along with this application, be sure to include a copy of your ACT Card, Driver’s License, or other Government-issued ID

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Moundville Native American Festival. Support from volunteers like you is essential to our mission and operation and we are grateful for your interest and time. Please complete all fields and be sure to include valid email and postal addresses.